Monday, March 3, 2014

My Camino: T minus 77 days

A bucket list entry for my mother, walking the Camino de Santiago has been a regular topic in our household for some years now.  As each year passes, grand plans are made, until finally mother-dearest hit 50 and realised that she's not getting any younger.

The date has been set.

In April she will head off to complete The French Way, 780km's in roughly 30 days, from St. Jean (France) to Santiago (Spain), and I will join her for the last 100km's of her journey.

My leap to participate in this great adventure has come as a surprise to most; most of all probably myself. If you knew me, you would know that I'm outdoorsy in the sense that I like my wine on the balcony. I don't exercise (rinsing out my mouth with wine after that cuss word) and I love my luxuries.

Therefore, this attempt to walk 100km's over 5 days, carrying everything I need myself, classifies as a radical undertaking.

That said, I've been caught off guard by the amazing support I've received from friends and family. The exchange rate doesn't really encourage such an adventure, so this support means the world when I'm continuously questioning this trek.

So what is the Camino?

It began as a pilgrimage to the relics of the Apostle James, laid to rest in the grand old Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Ever since his grave was discovered in AD800, hundreds of thousands trod the path across northern Spain, making the Camino the most famous pilgrimage in the world.

Some do it to seek penance, others enlightenment, and some seeks adventure. It isn't a religious experience - unless you want it to be.

At this stage, I'm still unsure what my goal is, but it's bound to be a combination of all of the above.

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