Monday, October 1, 2012

A fresh Anomaly B

I set up my own blog - registering the domain, setting up email addresses, customising templates and the whole redirect rigmarole. It was quite a while ago and when cajoling Miss Roediger into setting up hers, I refreshed my skills.

Doing it for a friend means there is some expectations involved: tastes differ, time is an issue and well, I know my limits and ultimately this combination can lead to disappointment.

Last week I updated Anomaly B. Hover over the image to see the before - what do you think?


Credits on Anomaly B:
Lemon Meringue Blogger Lay-out by Katrina at Pugly Pixel.
Photo template from Maybemej.

Handdrawn arrows from I rock so what and font by Lauren Fowler. 

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