Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Richmond Roadtrip

This past weekend I took a roadtrip with my Camo, and inadvertently it became a trip down memory lane.

I met the bubbly blond on my 18th birthday during first year registration at Elsenburg when we became roommates. I joined her family for lunch that day, and I’ve been a child in their home ever since.

In the past 10 years we’ve shared happiness and heartache, gaiety and grief. Exam stress, boyfriend troubles, health scares, family fights, financial strain; we’ve seen it all. We’ve travelled the world together, and together could take on the world.

We covered a total of 1476km over two days to safely arrive in Richmond, where I had a whirlwind tour of farm life. Special thanks must go to Bud for his patience and swinging his sabre and panga to save us from the dinosaur-sized spiders.

In true camo style, we had too much fun, shared too many private jokes and ended up with too little time.

Credit: Font used in photo flags by Lauren Fowler.

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