Friday, December 30, 2011


So. Tomorrow the Fashionista moves to the city of smog. *sob*

Marix, ek kan nie die woorde kry om te beskryf hoe verskriklik baie ek jou gaan mis nie.

When your chips are down
When your highs are low
Move across the night
Like a seperate wind

When your hopes and dreams
Lose the will to go
Reaching for the light
Knowing we can't win

There's something in the distance
A glorious existance
A simple celebration
A place you've never been before
Tell me that you want it more

Joyride - The Killers

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A West Coast Weekend

In an effort to save up some leave days (and mula!) for a pipe dream visit to the Loca Amiga in Spain, I volunteered to man the fort at The Winery over the festive season.

Fortunately the long weekends gives one just enough lazy time, and I spent last weekend at our holiday house on the West Coast.  Let's hope today's dreary weather clears up before Christmas weekend kicks off!