Friday, February 4, 2011

Hide and seek blog posts for 9 months? I'd be suspicious too, but don't get excited; the only thing expanding has been my workload. Moving along. Swiftly.

Karma has been pretty keen on me lately, and once again, came calling this week in the form of a'capella group D7's manager, Patrick. I attended a show by Farryl Purkiss in Patrick's lounge in Seapoint about 6 months ago, and have since tried to attend most of the bi-weekly performances by other local musicians (including Ard Matthews, Freshlyground and Jeremy Loops). Needless to say, Patrick's a cool kid.

D7 is also the opening act for Grammy award winning British artist, Imogen Heap, at this weekend's concerts at the Paul Cluver amphitheater. So when he phoned to ask whether I wanted to sponsor some wine in exchange for tickets to her show, I jumped. Until he told me that it isn't for the Paul Cluver shows, its for an acoustic set at the tour organiser's house. Then I started happydancing!

Which is how we came to be chatting and interacting with the lovely Miss Imogen on Thursday night.

The tickets for the event was quite pricey, but charity's could pitch their cause and be awarded a part of the proceeds. The event could be viewed via livefeed, and she took requests from the audience, attending and viewing alike. Local charity Help2Read was voted the most deserving, and pledges for the #live4capetown event is still up and running at Both Imogen and her partner pledged £1000 each, and had the audience donating to the cause

With 1,500,720 Twitter followers and 506,076 Facebook fans, Imogen really harnessed the power of social media and the world wide web, and I have not seen such involvement before.

But enough about that. It was friggin AMAZING. She entertained us on a baby grand piano, and I loved hearing the background and stories for each song. I was surprised at how laid-back and down-to-earth she was, and even more amazed at how much she sounded like she did on the CD's - if that makes any sense!

Hmmm....what was those lyrics again?

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