Friday, December 30, 2011


So. Tomorrow the Fashionista moves to the city of smog. *sob*

Marix, ek kan nie die woorde kry om te beskryf hoe verskriklik baie ek jou gaan mis nie.

When your chips are down
When your highs are low
Move across the night
Like a seperate wind

When your hopes and dreams
Lose the will to go
Reaching for the light
Knowing we can't win

There's something in the distance
A glorious existance
A simple celebration
A place you've never been before
Tell me that you want it more

Joyride - The Killers

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A West Coast Weekend

In an effort to save up some leave days (and mula!) for a pipe dream visit to the Loca Amiga in Spain, I volunteered to man the fort at The Winery over the festive season.

Fortunately the long weekends gives one just enough lazy time, and I spent last weekend at our holiday house on the West Coast.  Let's hope today's dreary weather clears up before Christmas weekend kicks off!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rondebosch Roundtrip

With the Fashionista's eminent move to the City of Smog, we've created a to-do list of note. 

#1: Taking the train from Rondebosch to Kalk Bay

Return train ticket: R15 (sometimes I just cannot believe!)
Donation towards homeless person's shelter for one day: R20
Lunch at Polano: not clouds my memory.

Running after less crowded Metro Plus train compartments: priceless.

Thanks to Pugly Pixel for the photo lay-out and tape strips, as well as the instagram-like photoshop actions from dbox.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I heart Hartenberg

I haven't been back to Hartenberg since I completed my last vintage there in 2008, and when I recently bumped into the team at Caroline's White Wine review, I promised to join them for Heritage day.

Driving up the road towards the cellar brought back so many memories, and I was thrilled to recall how far and for how long I could speed up before the next speed bump! Small things.

Hartenberg hosts a series of summer concerts, and this particular weekend it was the Jesse Jordan Band that entertained us whilst sipping wine in the late afternoon sun and enjoying the variety of tapas.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I drive past this daily reminder of grace on my way to work. It's painted in a bus shelter close to the Lynedoch station, and I finally stopped one afternoon and braved the fence in my pencil skirt.

It was worth it.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Rocking Rockhaven

The Boss Lady attended a wedding at Rockhaven, and when time came for our team to sit down and plan the budgets (read: where-the-hell-will-the-Rands-come-from-panic-state) and discuss various strategies (read: desperate ideas to make money) we escaped to this beautiful working farm in Elgin for two days.

Even though the sessions was very draining, the beautiful surroundings quickly calmed everyone down and we were able to amble through the rolling hills on the misty mornings.  Owner Liz Wood catered for our group and it was hands down the best home cooked meals I've ever had (sorry Mom).

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Zinfandel Guy

Everyone knows the Old Spice Guy - the man your man could smell like. Now meet the Zinfandel Guy.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hide and seek blog posts for 9 months? I'd be suspicious too, but don't get excited; the only thing expanding has been my workload. Moving along. Swiftly.

Karma has been pretty keen on me lately, and once again, came calling this week in the form of a'capella group D7's manager, Patrick. I attended a show by Farryl Purkiss in Patrick's lounge in Seapoint about 6 months ago, and have since tried to attend most of the bi-weekly performances by other local musicians (including Ard Matthews, Freshlyground and Jeremy Loops). Needless to say, Patrick's a cool kid.