Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chocolate Beer? Yes please!

While browsing for interesting wine labels (there is so many talented designers out there!), I saw this label for chocolate beer and started googling away. Chocolate beer, who can resist?!

Boutique breweries is extremely popular in the USA and New Zealand - the only two places I've really been exposed to them - and starting to pick up steam in South Africa. Jack Black, probably the most well known craft beer in South Africa, is available in most bars and particularly popular at fresh goods markets, largely because their microbrewery uses no additives or preservatives. With their tagline "Inspired by tradition, crafted with quality", who can resist?!

Another craft beer to look out for is Brewers &Union. They have a 4 pack available with the range, which would ideal for the picky boyfriend or to show Dad there's more than Castle out there!

Follow Brewer's &Union's blog for distributors (some Woolies stocks them!) and events hosted at &Union in Bree street (CT). A couple of months ago they had a chocolate and beer pairing event which I don't want to miss if it happens again!

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Jane Winebox said...

I've had chocolate beer before, it's pretty delish. I say you should take a bottle (or 6) for a spin! :)