Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bubble-bubble...always trouble!

Yesterday was the first time in two months that I felt frustrated with my new job. Used to being the only girl in the cellar, I never had to worry about tip-toeing around office politics or dealing with temper tantrums tactfully. Now, however, I have to deal with 9 other princess' permanent PMS and avoid being sucked in to all the melodrama.

Adding to this recent stress is The Fashionista's move to Cape Town, and we've been celebrating, reminiscing and dragging out this farewell for the past 2 weeks. My new housemate is from Gauteng, but I'm sure we'll be able to help her blend in quickly.
The Captain's behaviour and schedule isn't exactly adding to my sunshine. He's spent the last month travelling and pit stops include Seychelles (I wish), Ghana (No thanks) and various states and casinos in the USA. I hinted for M&M's but as he's never catered to my sweet tooth, I upped the ante and asked for an iPad. Fingers crossed peeps; heaven knows he's got to shape up...

All of these facts is obviously greatly contributing to my social life, but in the quest to balance culture and coffee tequila we recently took our newby housemate to enjoy breakfast at the Neighbour Goods Market, where my good friend Hendrik - better known as Hond - weekly tempts the beautiful people of Cape Town with his imported champagne.

That's champagne everyone; real fine bubbly from (you guessed it) Champagne in France.

The poor guy doesn't usually look so lonesome but I'm assuming the prospect of depleting his stock for the day in one tasting wasn't exactly what he wished for.

For all you unfortunate folks that has never been to the Old Biscuit Mill on Saturday mornings and would like to know more about the ranges, please visit his website here. Feel free to contact the young gentleman to find out where this divine bubbles is listed - he is very charming, speaks French, has blue eyes and a six-pack, and helps old ladies across the street regularly.

Order NOW.

If you can't afford to splurge on the real thing, Arniston Bay has a great reason to enjoy their bubbly: SHOES! Send them the reason why you're head over heels for Arniston Bay wines (the wine bottle must also have a starring role in your entry), and they'll add another pair of enviable shoes to your collection. News found via

That might be reason enough to bear the headache the day after...

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