Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whirl-wind wrap-up

This past weekend I joined the Captain on a whirl-wind trip to Maputo. They’ve been busy on a site there the past week, and he wanted to take fresh men and bring home some of the guys who’ve been there for 3 weeks.

I travelled with my Wren Café Do Brazil bag (of which unfortunately I don’t have a pic but see similar bag here), and got so many nice compliments. I love that bag, and then noticed these seats at the coffee shop at Lanseria which were also covered with coffee bags. Beautiful, but I wouldn’t want to sit on that sticky plastic!

It rained most of the time in Maputo, but it was a great trip none the less. I love the laid-back attitude of the people, and hearing the strange language spoken around me. I just wish I could have seen what the country was like before the war because I heard so many wonderful stories.

On the way back I found this complaints/suggestion book at Maputo airport while the Captain was filing the flight plan.
Just take a look at the beautiful pattern on it.

The euphoria after the weekend still lingers because I picked up my name necklaces yesterday. After Brazen blogged about them here, I immediately contacted Collect Jewellery to order ones for myself and the Fashionista. Now I just have to make sure to send them a picture of us wearing it to stand the chance to win one for a friend! And on top of that the lovely ladies are giving everyone to a chance to win a name necklace on Brazen’s blog. How generous is that?! I just can’t decide what I would want an extra one to say!

*Oops, I don't know where I got the background pic from here so apologies in advance!

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Lisa said...

Gorgeous name necklace!! Gorgeous post too!
a fellow vinoisseur ;)