Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big changes, big challenges

Winemaking has offered me many unique experiences, travel opportunities and a world-wide network of friends. In 3 years I worked 7 vintages in 4 countries before finally settling down at The Winery 2 years ago.

I've stayed in 5 star hotels in Laguna Beach for wine tastings, while wearing a coat I bought at a Hospice shop during vintage 2005 in New Zealand. I've taken jump shots in front of a giant kiwi and a Grand Canyon. I've been chatted up in languages I did not understand. I've celebrated more holidays than I know existed, and am still undecided which one in which country I liked best.

Drea (Cool Kiwi), Silvia (Loco Amiga) + me (boertjie) swimming in winetank with hot water in freezing Marlborough, NZ.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whirl-wind wrap-up

This past weekend I joined the Captain on a whirl-wind trip to Maputo. They’ve been busy on a site there the past week, and he wanted to take fresh men and bring home some of the guys who’ve been there for 3 weeks.

I travelled with my Wren CafĂ© Do Brazil bag (of which unfortunately I don’t have a pic but see similar bag here), and got so many nice compliments. I love that bag, and then noticed these seats at the coffee shop at Lanseria which were also covered with coffee bags. Beautiful, but I wouldn’t want to sit on that sticky plastic!