Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And we're off!

Slowly the care-free, fun summer days slipped us by, and kissed and caressed all the grapes in our vineyards ripe until they're bursting with flavour and delight, ready to be dropped into our able hands to take further care of them.

That's right folks, we started harvesting this past week, and again we'll have a chance to prove our worth. We have received all the grapes to produce the base-wine for our Methodè Cap Classique - some pinot noir and chardonnay - and as soon as these are in, the rest will follow. Through all this harvesting, crushing and pressing, we're still busy blending, moving wine, and also have the occasional bottling scheduled.
At home, I hope something exciting happens soon: The Fashionista is looking for a new challenge through a new job, the Loco Amiga is off to Australia for vintage (without her b/f: drama drama drama), and it feels as if I'm stagnating. Hopefully all this fruit at my doorstep will keep my mind and hands busy!

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