Monday, January 19, 2009


The sudden loss of The Fashionista's beloved uncle overshadows the past weekend.

Johan van der Merwe and his family has welcomed me into their home for Christmas, and in turn, I've found a place for them in my heart. The way he spoke about his horses, and pointed out the different personalities and characteristics of each; the way Julie faffed about us girls and sent us in different directions in the kitchen; the way Charl teased like only a brother could, and the way Danielle gossiped and giggled like you would with a dear friend has made it a Christmas that I would always treasure. No-one in the world should go through such pain, and the only thing that one can be grateful for, if any, is the fact that they're such a close-knit and loving family.

My heart aches for them, and for The Fashionista who's tears are continuously brightening her eyes.

The Captain is coming to CT for my birthday this week, and due to the unfortunate turn of events I won't be spending as much time with him as originally planned. Bless him for insisting to drive me to the funeral and pushing me to deal with the situation. I'm not especially proud to admit that I wanted to avoid the sombre occation, using the fact that her family will be here for comfort as an excuse, but I realise supporting her is more important than my issues.

We'll celebrate my birthday afterwards. Me, my puffy eyes and The Captain.

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