Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Short and sweet

Oh my goodness. It's been a whirl-wind 2 months. Yay for the festive season, never-ending socializing and days off to keep a girl busy!

1 Move later and unfortunately we're now living next to a shebeen/whorehouse/crackhouse. If that wasn't bad enough, the students from hell other neighbours moved in last week and decided to invite everyone left in Stellenbosch's bar last night at 2am to their place for more drinking. I was listening to their dumb jokes and idiotic sayings ("cool bru, lekker my bra") until 4am.

2 weddings attended. Absolute bliss. Me likey all that white and everlasting promises and open bars romance at the moment.

3 weekends away: one to the beautiful unspoilt West Coast with friends. One to the Vegas-like Sun City to be pampered in the Palace at the Lost City. One to the absolutely amazingly beautiful island of Bazaruto in Mozambique...I can like to be spoilt by The Captain.

5 tanzanite stones in my Christmas gift.

xx xxx Rands lost gambling at Sun City, but it was fun.

2 year end functions attended, one being Cuban themed giving me the opportunity to throw back some rum and let my hips loose on the dance floor, and the other one Carnival themed where I indulged in having my palm read. Interesting times ahead.

1 summer concert attended at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens - Shaun Morgan, front man of Seether. I'm not a fan (at all!) but I presented the Fashionista with tickets for her birthday, and it turns out Mr. Morgan is pretty bloody good live. I'm a converted fan.

1 Champagne and MCC festival attended.

Countless bottles of Champagne and MCC popped during the festive season and every other night. "Because we can, my darling" as The Captain would say.

Another sad fact is that I slept, that's right, slept through New Year's eve because we partied it up a day too early. When the Best Friend phoned at midnight, I thought it was just another over-enthusiastic call to wish me an early good year disturbing my blissful near-dead snooze, so I kept putting the phone down on her. Boy oh boy, did I feel guilty the next day when she told me she got engaged! And then last week she invited me to dinner, and asked me if I'll be her MOH. Whoo hoo!! I'm the only one (she didn't ask our other musketeer friend). I honestly feel honoured (and can see you roll your eyes on this one, but it's the first time OK?)

Over and out.

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