Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy birthday to Me

Dear Sipho/Thuli/Goodman

Thank you for your fantastic service last night. You did a magnificent job of continuously topping up my bubbly, and promptly serving the Jagermeister at the secret signal the Captain and you have devised. I also genuinely appreciate your ringing the bell to announce to everyone that it's my birthday, and encouraging me to cheers glasses with every patron to my good fortune and health.

I'm impressed with your ability to make such a wide variety of cocktails: it surely was the best Singapore sling/Manhattan/strawberry daiquiri/chocolate martini/Beverly Hills iced tea/mojito I've ever had, and I would recommend your fine establishment to all my friends.
I admire your funky calligraphy that adorned the plate of shots that arrived at our table (thanks also to all our new-found friends), but now in hindsight I realise that I should have gone with my first instincts and crawled under the table to hide. Instead, I ended up crawling home.

I probably aged an extra year after the celebrations last night, and will need to catch a power-nap to improve my wan and sallow appearance before continuing the festivities tonight. I hope to see you again on Saturday after our booze cruise, so that I can personally thank you for your gracious assistance.


In other news, this is the best gift I could wish for.

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